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QuitClaim Deed Info

Ned Lines was wanting me to sign over my half of our house to him by Quit Claim Deed

Ned Lines kept pressuring me into trying to get me to sign over my half of the house, we built and paid for together, to him.  Remember - he can't get the house refinanced into his name & my name removed from the mortgage.  He told me everyone, but him, was lying to me about what a quit claim deed was. He's a realtor/broker at Mountain Lake Realty in Sevierville, TN, I wonder if this is what they teach them in real estate school - how to cheat people out of their homes?! Or are all the other realtors lying to me about what a quit claim deed is? 

Quit Claim Deeds

A quit claim deed removes your name from the deed - BUT leaves it on the mortgage. So, your liable for the mortgage but have NO ownership rights. It’s the worst possible scenario! 

So if you sign a quit claim deed and the other person defaults on the loan, the mortgage company will come after you too! UNLESS - the other person can refinance the home in their name and get your name OFF the mortgage.