Bringing Awareness To FALSE Allegations Of Domestic Violence

This is the actual DISMISSAL  for the vindictive Order of Protection that was taken out against me by EDWARD "NED" BERNARD LINES in Sevierville, Tennessee (8/29/14) Docket # 14-OP-253

ORDER FOR AGREED Mutual Restraining Oder 
This cause came on to be heard on the 12th day of September 2014 upon agreement in the above enforced (?) case.
Upon hearing the agreement in this cause, the Court finds and follows:
The parties shall be mutually restrained from threats or violence, any defamatory or (??)

comments on internet or other memes true or otherwise for 15 days.  The parties shall have NO CONTACT for 15 days period. Petitioner shall have access to the house on 9-13-14 from 8:00 am till 8 pm to remove personal items. Plaintiff will not take dog or TV.
   This Order will expire in 15 Days.
   The Exparte Order of Protection is dismissed.
   The cost of this cause are waived.
   This the 12 day of September 2014.

**I NEVER agreed to turn this  Order of Protection into a Mutual Restraining Order.  

My attorney, at that time, came up to me - in the hallway at the courthouse - and told me he got the Order of Protection DISMISSED and we now have Mutual Restraining Orders for 15 days and I was not to say anything, even if it is the truth, about Ned Lines for 15 days.  I told him OK - and he had me sign the paper he had.  

This was NEVER explained to me - like it should have been - or shown to me where I could read it, by my former attorney!

*The reason the court costs were waived is because my attorney came up to me and told me "Ned is wanting you to pay the court costs" I told him NO WAY!  Then he starts to tell me "but they are only..." I stopped him and told him I don't care if they are one cent - I'm NOT paying court costs for what Ned tried to do to me!  It was Ned Lines choice to play victim and file his FALSE Order of Protection - NOT mine! I decided I didn't want to stoop as low as Ned Lines did when I was being pressured to file an Order of Protection against Ned - and Ned KNOWS I have a good reason to have filed one against him and mine wouldn't be filled with lies. I'll take a polygraph any day, any time - bet you Ned Lines won't say the same and do it!‚Äč